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Favorite iPhone Apps for Writers

The Rich Writer: Favorite iPhone Apps for Writers

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Monday, June 8, 2009

Favorite iPhone Apps for Writers

Getting back to those favorite iPhone Apps, I have a few more to highlight:irecvoicerecorder_thumbnail

  • iRec is a digital recorder for the iPhone. I like that I can choose 3 different recording qualities. It’s also easy to navigate between and within a recording.

    Although the iPhone version of a digital recorder isn’t really better than my little handheld recorder, I always carry it with me so it’s available when I have a sudden thought while walking or on the road. Plus, I can email recordings from my iPhone, which I can’t do from my standard recorder. 
  • BlogPress is an easy-to-use blogging application for the  iPhone. It’s great for quick, on-the-fly blog posts, although it won’t ever replace my laptop and Windows Live Writer, simply because it’s so much easier to type and edit on a larger screen with a real keyboard. BlogPress is compatible with multiple blogging platforms.


  • toodledo Toodledo is my favorite to-do list  program—by a slim margin over another, called Things. Both let you sort tasks by project and due date. Things has a prettier interface for the iPhone that I find slightly more intuitive than Toodledo’s interface; but Toodledo stores your data online, so you can access your lists using a web interface. Toodledo will also sync with MS Outlook, another plus in my book.

Since no list of a writer’s favorite iPhone apps would be complete without games, I’ll cover those later this week!

:) Cheryl



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