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Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Never visit family--especially family with associated children--without bringing along a pen and notebook. Every time I visit home (and my sister and her four kids), I return with stories and inspiration enough to last me months...and I make sure to take time every night to write down the details for later.

Case in point: one evening, while my sister and I (well, mostly my sister) were cooking dinner, her youngest son marched into the kitchen and tugged on her sleeve. "Mom," he says, "I'm about to be very sorry for something."

This kid has the biggest brown eyes, an impish smile, and copper-red hair. When he says he's about to be very sorry for something, let's just say everyone stops to listen.

"What is it?" my sister asks. (She's forgotten about stirring the chicken).

"I can't get the floor back together," he answers.

At that, she and I decide that investigating the possible destruction is more important that cooking dinner. Here's what we found:

Ah, gotta love it. And I haven't even mentioned the escapee hamster, the canned bat, or the hay bale construction zone....
:) Cheryl

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