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Not yet OCD...

The Rich Writer: Not yet OCD...

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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Not yet OCD...

Did I mention I'm finally subbing a manuscript again? Think of me next time you click "Check Mail". I'll probably be joining you from my computer, wherever it happens to be at the moment....

No, I'm resisting the every-30-seconds email checks. I'm assuming that if my schedule is this busy, everyone else's is, too. Therefore, I'm limiting my email checks to once every 120 seconds. :)

Today is a day for beautiful things in my neck of the woods. There's beautiful snow, frozen into inch-wide crystalline designs by the extreme cold weather. There's a beautiful book cover for my friend Amy's upcoming novel release--it reminds me of R.A.Nelson's cover for Breathe My Name--and I got a sneak peek! There's a beautiful pile of new paper for me to pick up, as soon as I refresh my memory about the project to which I'm returning.

Life's good when you're a writer!

:) Cheryl



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