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What we'll do in the name of writing....

The Rich Writer: What we'll do in the name of writing....

The Rich Writer

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Saturday, May 24, 2008

What we'll do in the name of writing....

Disclaimer: This is a sort-of continuation of Thursday's post, so if you're confused, don't blame me :).

That are ten ideas for how you might stretch yourself this summer:

  1. Spend a week traveling in a country where you don't speak the language. (Obviously, but I had to recommend it.)

  2. For the fantasy writer: learn pottery, archery, sword making, paper-making, or another craft that might be useful to your fantasy character.

  3. Jump out of an airplane (with supervision and a parachute, of course.)

  4. Learn to ride a horse, sail a boat, or raise emus.

  5. Provide a home for an assistance dog-in-training.

  6. Learn to sail a boat.

  7. Volunteer somewhere you usually wouldn't. Like China or Haiti.

  8. Take lifeguard training.

  9. Sleep outside under the stars.

  10. Hike the Appalachian trail.

And in case you're not convinced, take a look at Dick Francis's books. Each of his characters has a different profession and half the book involves learning about it. Or check out Alane Ferguson's Forensic Mystery series or Elizabeth Wrenn's Around the Next Corner. To various degrees, these awesome writers all lived their research. When we let ourselves meet life-changing experiences, we gain the insight to write about characters who do the same.

:) Cheryl

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