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Update on the disorganization front...

The Rich Writer: Update on the disorganization front...

The Rich Writer

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Monday, May 19, 2008

Update on the disorganization front...

I was right! I had "cleaned up" my writing notebook, to a newly designated spot for conference info, and eventually I re-discovered it. I'll peruse it for more useful info to share.

Meanwhile, I've been writing up a storm on a new book--the book that takes place in Peru. I LOVE starting a new project, especially one that's been simmering in the back of my mind for so long. Maybe it's a good thing I couldn't start writing it when I wanted. Now I have an overflow of ideas, just waiting for me to take time to pour them onto the page.

Since I've been dying to share, here are a few opening paragraphs:

I didn’t even realize Eric was late until my dad startled me back into the real world. I was trying to color Eric’s eyes the right shade of blue and couldn’t, not from memory, even though I’d spent four delirious hours swimming in them last night. I planned to make him sit for me a few minutes when he arrived, until I find the right mix of gray and sky.

That’s when my dad touched my elbow. I leapt a foot sideways, bumped my head on the banister, and dropped my sketchpad. Pencils went clattering down the stairs in a broken rainbow of color.
Yes, that’s me: Luciana Rose, queen of the lost-in-space rendition. I hadn’t heard my Dad pull in the drive or open the garage or let himself in. Did I mention that I was drawing? I’m very focused when I draw. I call it focused; some less than charitable classmates just call me a space case whenever I draw—or when I read, or when I’m thinking, or pretty much most of the time. Sometimes I hate that about myself, especially when my father shocks me in the middle of daydreaming about the most wonderful, adorable, kissable guy in Denver.

Not that I’d kissed many of them. Guys, I mean.

Now you can sympathize with my current obsession/delight! I have to hurry up and write it before I get back comments on Juggling the Keystone.

:) Cheryl

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