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Today's News: A Voice!

The Rich Writer: Today's News: A Voice!

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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Today's News: A Voice!

My recent travel to Peru inspired a new book idea--but a book that's completely different from what I usually write: YA rather than midgrade, with a touch of romance, and without even a hint of fantasy. I had a great character, great story concept, great setting--but I couldn't get the voice. And I couldn't sleep, because this story wants to be written.

So at 3:00 am or so Saturday morning, I pulled out one of my journals from high school and started to read. Wow. What a roller coaster! I remember a lot about being a kid, but reading the day to day account pulled me back into the memories and emotions. And yesterday I spent three intense hours in a coffee shop writing the first few chapters. I've got the voice. Weird and wonderful.

Have any journals from your childhood? If not, beg, borrow, or blackmail your friends into letting you read theirs. (Never read someone else's without permission, though. That earns you an eternity without books or paper....) And rediscover your voice.
Me at 16: "I may be 'sweet sixteen,' and I've had my first kiss (even if it was the grossest and most disgusting thing imaginable,) but all of my experience with 'love' has been more disappointment than anything else."

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