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Wednesday Woolies

The Rich Writer: Wednesday Woolies

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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Wednesday Woolies

This is the time of week when all the days (and projects!) start to blur together for me. Maybe I'm working on too many things at once! (Again. Ya think?)

That said, I have a few things to celebrate today:

  • I FINISHED my nonfiction picture book manuscript. I've been wrestling with that rewrite for nearly a year and a half, so hopefully the editor who requested it hasn't forgotten me :). It goes out my door tomorrow!

  • I sent out a select few queries for my midgrade fantasy, The Last Violin, which has been languishing on my shelf for months now.

  • I sent off some interview questions to follow up on a great article possibility I encountered while visiting Lima, Peru--thanks to friends. (Thank you, Jackie and Liliana!)

  • My birthday! It's not today--it's tomorrow--but since tomorrow night is booked, I get to gather with two delightful boys and one sweetheart of a husband for a birthday celebration this evening.

Do all writers try to do too much? Or is it only me? At least "too much work" in writing translates into something like "too much fun." It's not exactly a bad thing, just busy.

:) Cheryl

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