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Things every writer needs to know

The Rich Writer: Things every writer needs to know

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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Things every writer needs to know


…or, at least, every writer whose story takes place in the San Juan Islands.

  1. Cell phone coverage is spotty throughout most of the islands.
  2. Sea otters are up and about during the day, when they spend 11-48% of their time grooming. They like to sleep at sea, floating on their backs, often anchored in strands of kelp.
  3. Harbor seals do not migrate.
  4. Harbor seals’ hearing and vision are best underwater. Their vision is black and white and is apparently not essential for survival, since several blind harbor seals have been found living happy and productive lives, with 3.5 children, houses in the suburbs, and 2 car garages.
  5. And harbor seals do NOT touch one another when hauled out onto land.
  6. There are only about ten orcas in the world that intentionally strand themselves on the beach in order to catch their prey—and you can watch video of a strand feeding here.
  7. In June, the sun rises at about 5:10 AM Pacific Daylight time.

I love being a writer….

:) Cheryl



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