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Feeling old?

The Rich Writer: Feeling old?

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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Feeling old?

I suppose I should explain the recent scarcity of posts. I’ve been pretty sick—nothing too serious, just respiratory stuff—but sick enough that my ramblings were a bit too random for publication. I’m on the upswing, now, and wanted to share the week’s inspirational exchange:

Me (puffing for breath after descending a flight of stairs and hobbling to the computer): Wow. I feel like an old woman.

13-year-old son: I know what you mean. When I was sick, I felt really old, too—like 29 or something.

I’m pretty sure he was just yanking my chain. Pretty sure.

Anyways, I’m feeling well enough to chafe at the need to sit still and well enough to scribble down story ideas and play with plot twists and character quirks. I’m not saying their good ideas, twists, or quirks, but it’s a start!

:) Cheryl



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