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Monday, March 2, 2009

Writing and Blogging

Sometimes, I can't figure out how my blog and non-blog writing relate. That is, when my current WIP is going really well, I hate stopping to work on anything else--like blogging and laundry--because I don't want to interrupt the flow. When my current WIP isn't going well, I hate to stopping to work on anything else--like blogging and laundry--because I only pursue non-WIP writing after I've accomplished something in the world of my WIP.

Makes you wonder how I ever manage to blog, doesn't it?!

Most of my blog posts come to me somewhere in that place in between perfect flow and perfect block: you know, when you're getting something accomplished, but your brain is ready to be distracted--I mean, rest--by doing something else. I'll be researching dangers to llama herders in the Peruvian highlands...and have a sudden blog post inspiration. Or I'll finish one chapter but haven't quite geared up to tackle the next, and a blog post inspiration will hit.

Sigh. I wish I could schedule inspiration for blog posts to show up when they won't interrupt my other work and vice-versa.

Anyways, the reason posts have been rather scant is that I've been madly writing the first draft of my current WIP, the oh-so-creatively-titled Peru Book. I'm currently on p. 176 and very happy with where it's going...but even when you're on a writing roll, it takes time to write an entire novel, so my writing roll is interfering with my blog.

There. Now you know. The blog-o-sphere comes second to mad forward progress on my WIP. Don't worry, though--I'm sure I'll slow down soon. If for no other reason, I'll have to reach the book's end eventually!!

:) Cheryl

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