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Charging Mice and Walking Elephants

The Rich Writer: Charging Mice and Walking Elephants

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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Charging Mice and Walking Elephants

Since my to-do list is always full to overflowing (what can I say? I have a lot of dreams!) I spend time daily prioritizing tasks and obligations to make sure that the most important don’t fall off my list. I just discovered a tip for making those prioritization decisions that I love so much, I have to share:

Some deadlines charge toward you and some approach more slowly. We tend to take most notice of those that are charging…but be aware that not all of our obligations are of equal importance. Some are small, like mice; others are large—the elephants.

So when determining your priorities, make sure not to spend all your time on the charging mice. They might be flying toward you, but they aren’t necessarily the most important.

Sigh. Now you know the truth—I’m easily distracted by every new organizational concept that crosses my desk. :) Now I’m back to fielding my mice!

And elephants, of course.

:) Cheryl



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