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Monday, September 8, 2008

Great Resource for Writing Craft

In the midst of my rewriting rampage, Arthur A. Levine editor Cheryl Klein was kind enough to post a copy of her keynote address from the Terminus 2008 Harry Potter conference. Read the full text here:

In it, Klein discusses topics as diverse as characters, setting, theme, and plot. It's a checklist for the revising writer, taking a quick look at everything essential to a great book.

I took her speech and applied her questions to my own work. What am I trying to say in my work? What are my protagonist's virtues--and how do they relate to her flaws? How do my characters virtues and flaws drive her through the story? The insights gained are driving me through the story, too--in a very helpful way. Thanks, Cheryl Klein, for sharing your thoughts on the craft of writing for children!

:) Cheryl

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