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Why do writers blog?

The Rich Writer: Why do writers blog?

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How to Thrive on the Writer's Road

Friday, December 14, 2007

Why do writers blog?

My NF children's writers list has had an interesting discussion on the pros and cons of blogging lately. For a great article on the topic, check out Laura Purdie Salas' blog at:

Her article made me wonder: why do I blog? I began for practical reasons--web presence, marketing, connecting with readers etc.--but those aren't good enough reasons for me to spend the time on blogging right now. Web presence is good, but I don't have any books out to promote yet, and few magazine readers seek out the magazine's authors. When I get reader feedback on a story or article, it usually takes the form of, "Oh, you wrote that? I (or my son or my daughter) loved that article (or short story or craft)!" So I'm not connecting with *many* readers at this point.

And yet I keep coming back. My friend Julie says that all writing brings a reward, and I guess that blogging is no exception. So why do I blog?

  1. To sort out my thoughts on writing craft, writing struggles, and writing rewards.

  2. To connect with other writers out there.

  3. To (I hope!) provide a resource for others who are walking the writing road.

So thank you who read this, for sharing a bit of my life.

:) Cheryl


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