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Poodle Problems

The Rich Writer: Poodle Problems

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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Poodle Problems

I love the pets in my life. Really. But man, they can cause a lot of headaches!

Lily (inspirational poodle extraordinaire) is a very sweet, incredibly devoted (read--she follows me faithfully from room to room, no matter the time of day,) highly intelligent standard poodle. Yesterday, when I was walking her, her retractable leash slid across a metal sign. No more leash. This dog is hard on the leash and collar collection!

During the first year she lived with me, I faithfully spent training time with her almost every day. But...well, I got busy, and she was terrific at the training stuff, so she's gotten less training practice. She's still very sweet and fairy obedient, but I'm afraid she needs to go back on my daily list. She's starting to wonder if obedience is really in her best interest. Sigh.

She's good for me. Like my family, she makes me remember there's more to life than work. There's even (occasionally) more to life than writing!


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