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On procrastination

The Rich Writer: On procrastination

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Saturday, October 20, 2007

On procrastination

Here's something I don't get: Why, since I love to write so much, do I take so long to get to it? From talking to other writer friends, I don't think I'm alone. When it's time to write, I have a tendency to check my e-mail, get a cup of coffee, check my bids for freelance work, check my interlibrary loan status, write another blog post , get another cup of coffee, light a candle, and then decide I should do yoga before I start writing. What's with that?

Here are my top ten procrastination snares:

  1. Checking e-mail (and reading messages, and replying, and checking the weather....)

  2. Bidding for freelance work

  3. Coffee

  4. Picking up stuff around the house

  5. Cleaning the kitchen

  6. Starting a quick load of laundry

  7. Writing another blog post :)

  8. Playing with the poodle

  9. Excessive research

  10. Re-reading what I've written

    My best writing days are when I plan a time beforehand--make an appointment with myself--and then stick with it. So. Gotta go--I have an important appointment on my calendar!


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