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The Risk of Writing

The Rich Writer: The Risk of Writing

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Monday, September 17, 2007

The Risk of Writing

One of my boys just ran for student council. This might not sound like much--until you learn that he's new in his class, worried about a lack of friends, and, like most of us, terrified of the idea of standing in front of his peers and looking foolish. He'd come home Friday excited about running, but by this morning he'd decided against it.

After much talk and worry, though, he decided to give it a try. I like to think it's because he's seen his mom send out manuscripts over and over and over, which is an emotionally risky business. He's seen the risk pay off, and knew that if I hadn't taken the chance of rejection, I would have missed quite a few acceptances along the way.

Guess who gave a great speech, got his class laughing, and was elected to student council? One kid who decided to take one small risk--and it paid off.

Writing is risky. But one way or another, it always pays off.
PS--That's me in the yellow, doing the chicken dance in front of a whole lot of people. Maybe risks get easier with practice!

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