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Notes to start a writer's week, take 2

The Rich Writer: Notes to start a writer's week, take 2

The Rich Writer

How to Thrive on the Writer's Road

Monday, November 10, 2008

Notes to start a writer's week, take 2

  1. There is no neighborhood decorations committee, no matter what you dreamed last night. No one will issue you a ticket because you have not yet put out your fall decorations.

  2. I'm sure there are other moms who forget to get their kids up on Monday mornings, forget what month it is, and forget what year it is. Maybe you should buy the kids their own alarm clocks.

  3. I'm also sure that other absent-minded mothers buy Christmas gifts throughout the year, only to forget the "safe locations" where they are squirreled away.

  4. Speaking of squirrels: the kids will remember watching the ones living in your flicker box far longer than they will remember whether or not you raked the leaves.

  5. And no, no one cares about the leaves drifting in your garage, either. Unless your husband loses his bike in them. Then he'll care. But we can deal with that later.

  6. Plant watering is an entirely optional household activity. Consider your living room an experiment in natural selection.

  7. The dogs are still thinking you need more creativity walks. This week, they'd like to go on an all-day hike up some mountain with lots and lots of interesting smells.

  8. Oh, and they'd also like you to spend more time writing on the sofa instead of at your desk. The sofa is much more comfy for napping dogs. Please: consider the comfort of others this week.

  9. Your husband has scheduled himself a date in your Outlook calendar. Hmm. Could he be feeling neglected?

  10. You'll be a much better date (and mom and everything else) if you're happy. (Translation: write, baby, write!)

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